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Complete List of Ana Huang Books in Order 2024

If you like your contemporary romances full of alpha males, strong heroines and steamy love scenes, you’re going to want to read this complete list of Ana Huang books in order.

Ana Huang is the author of three romance series, including the Twisted Series, If Love Series and Kings of Sin series.

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Complete List of Ana Huang Books in Order

Standalone Novels by Ana Huang

If Love Series by Ana Huang

Kings of Sin Series by Ana Huang

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Many of Ana Huang’s books are currently available to read on Kindle Unlimited. Sign up to Kindle Unlimited for a monthly fee and many Ana Huang (and other romance novels) are included in the monthly price.

Who is Ana Huang?

Ana Huang is a New York Times bestselling author of primarily steamy new adult novels and has become a big name within the romance genre.

Ana Huang is probably best known for her Twisted Series. However she has also written two more series as well as a standalone novel. Each book in her latest series, The Kings of Sin, is a steamy billionaire romance themed around the seven deadly sins.

What genre are Ana Huang’s books?

Ana Huang writes contemporary romance novels, often with elements of steam, angst, and enemies-to-lovers tropes.

Are Ana Huang’s books spicy?

Definitely! So if you’re into romances with a healthy serving of raunch, you’re in for a treat!

Are Ana Huang’s books suitable for all audiences?

Due to the steamy nature of her content, I’d recommend Ana Huang’s for an adult audience.

Do you have to read Ana Huang’s books in order?

It’s not absolutely essential to read Ana Huang’s books in order. The majority of her books are interconnected standalones so you don’t have to read the earlier books to understand them. However, I would highly recommend reading the books in a particular series in order to avoid any spoilers from previous instalments.

What is the Twisted Series by Ana Huang about?

The Twisted book series by Ana Huang is a series of contemporary romance novels. While the series features some interconnected characters, each book is considered a standalone novel with its own central couple. Here’s a breakdown of the series:

  • Twisted Love: a brother’s best friend/opposites attract romance with a hint of suspense.
  • Can Fight This Feeling: a contemporary royal bodyguard romance.
  • Twisted Hate: a steamy enemies with benefits/enemies to lovers romance.
  • Twisted Lies: a steamy fake dating romance.

Complete List of Ana Huang Books in Order Printable Checklist


If you enjoy reading contemporary romance novels, Ana Huang is an author you’re going to want on your shelf. Hopefully this list of Ana Huang books in order will inspire you to pick one up. I’ll keep this list updated as and when more books are released.

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