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Complete List of Lucinda Riley Seven Sisters Books in Order

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Welcome to this ultimate guide to Lucinda Riley’s Seven Sisters books in order.

The Seven Sisters series is a hugely popular collection of novels by Lucinda Riley. The Seven Sisters books weave together elements of mystery, romance, and historical fiction.

Each book follows the lives of seven adopted D’Aplièse sisters, each named after a star in the Pleiades constellation. The final Seven Sisters book tells the story of their adopted father, Pa Salt.

Sadly Lucinda Riley passed away before completing the final book in the series. Therefore the story of Pa Salt was co-written with her son Harry Whittaker.

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How Many Lucinda Riley Seven Sisters Books Are There?

There are eight novels in Seven Sisters book series, one for each sister and one telling the story of Pa Salt.

Lucinda Riley Seven Sisters Books in Order

  1. The Seven Sisters – The story of Maia D’Aplièse
  2. The Storm Sister – The story of Ally D’Aplièse
  3. The Shadow Sister – The story of Star D’Aplièse
  4. The Pearl Sister – The story of CeCe D’Aplièse
  5. The Moon Sister – The story of Tiggy D’Aplièse
  6. The Sun Sister – The story of Electra d’Aplièse
  7. The Missing Sister – The story of of the elusive seventh sister
  8. Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt

What are the Seven Sisters books about?

The series follows the adopted D’Aplièse sisters on their quests to discover their heritage, each leading them to a different corner of the world and a fascinating piece of history.

Do you need to read the Seven Sisters books in order?

I would recommend reading the Seven Sisters books in order. Technically, each book works as a standalone novel as they have their own plots and historical settings. However, you might miss some references and spoilers for other sisters’ stories. Reading in order allows you to follow the overarching mystery of their adopted father, Pa Salt, and the clues he left behind.

Are the seven sisters related to each other?

No, the seven sisters are not biologically related. They were all adopted by a mysterious man named Pa Salt.

What genre are the Seven Sisters books?

The Seven Sisters series blends historical fiction, family drama, and elements of romance and mystery.

Are the Seven Sisters books appropriate for all ages?

The series deals with mature themes like war, loss, and family secrets. It’s generally recommended for young adults and adults.


This is the complete list of Lucinda Riley Seven Sisters books in order. I’ll keep this list updated if any new books are released.

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