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Complete List of Colleen Hoover Books in Order with Printable Checklist

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Looking for a complete list of Colleen Hoover books in order? I’ve got you covered!

Colleen Hoover’s books are known for their emotional depth and relatable characters, making them a bit hit for fans of contemporary romance. If you want to fully appreciate her storytelling, it’s a great idea to read Colleen Hoover books in order, starting with her earlier works and progressing through to her latest releases.

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colleen hoover books in order

Complete List of Colleen Hoover Books in Order

Standalone Colleen Hoover Books

It Ends With Us Series by Colleen Hoover

Maybe Series by Colleen Hoover

Slammed Series by Colleen Hoover

Hopeless Series by Colleen Hoover

Collections by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover Books to Read on Kindle Unlimited

Many of Colleen Hoover’s books are currently available to read on Kindle Unlimited. Sign up to Kindle Unlimited for a monthly fee and many Colleen Hoover (and other romance novels) are included in the monthly price. You might even be entitled to a free trial!

Who is Colleen Hoover?

Colleen Hoover is the New York Times bestselling author of multiple novels and novellas, specialising in young adult fiction and romance. Colleen Hoover books have massively surged in popularity recently due to attention from the #BookTok community on TikTok. 

Many Colleen Hoover books have been self-published before being picked up by a publishing house. Some of these self-published works are now being republished.

Colleen Hoover is also the founder of The Bookworm Box, a non-profit book subscription service and bookstore in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

What Was Colleen Hoover’s Debut Novel?

Colleen Hoover’s first novel was Slammed, published in 2012. This was also the first book in the Slammed Series.

In the wake of her father’s unexpected death, Layken becomes the pillar of strength for her family, though she’s secretly battling despair. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Will, her charming new neighbor. Their budding romance is filled with passion and poetry, but a shocking revelation threatens to tear them apart. As they navigate the challenges of their relationship, they find solace in the poetry they share, hoping for a future where love conquers all.

What Was Colleen Hoover’s First Standalone Novel?

Colleen Hoover’s first standalone novel was Ugly Love, published in 2014.

Colleen hoover books in order, ugly love book cover

When Tate Collins crosses paths with airline pilot Miles Archer, there’s no instant spark of love. They don’t even see themselves as friends. The only bond they share is a strong mutual attraction. After admitting their desires, they agree on a perfect arrangement: he doesn’t want love, she doesn’t have time for it, so they settle for just sex.

Their setup seems smooth as long as Tate adheres to Miles’ two rules:

Never ask about the past.
Don’t expect a future.

How Many Colleen Hoover Books Are There?

At the time of writing there are 26 Colleen Hoover books. This includes novels and novellas that are both standalone and part of a series. Only the books in a series need to be read in chronological order.

What is the Best Book by Colleen Hoover?

Determining the best Colleen Hoover books is subjective and can vary from reader to reader based on personal preferences. If you’re looking for a popular romance novel, I’d sugges started with the It Ends with Us series or Ugly Love. If you’re looking for a darker read, you may enjoy the psychological thriller, Verity, the most.

I personally wasn’t a huge fan of Verity but I know I’m definitely in the minority with that one! I enjoyed the It Ends With Us series more but that’s just personal preference.

Lily’s journey from a small town to Boston has been marked by hard work and determination. When she meets Ryle, a brilliant but guarded neurosurgeon, sparks fly, but his aversion to relationships raises questions. Then, memories of her first love, Atlas, resurface, threatening her newfound happiness with Ryle.

Just as Lily and her ex-husband Ryle establish a civil co-parenting routine, her first love, Atlas, reappears, asking her out on a date. Excited yet conflicted, Lily grapples with the implications of reconnecting with Atlas while navigating her ongoing relationship with Ryle, knowing that Ryle may not take kindly to Atlas re-entering their lives.

Colleen hoover books in order, verity book cover

Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer, accepts a lucrative job offer from Jeremy Crawford to complete his wife Verity’s bestselling series. While sorting through Verity’s notes, Lowen discovers an unfinished autobiography revealing dark secrets about Verity’s past. Tempted to use the manuscript for personal gain, Lowen grapples with her growing feelings for Jeremy and the ethical dilemma of revealing Verity’s secrets to him.

What Genre Are Colleen Hoover Books?

Colleen Hoover predominantly writes contemporary romance aimed at both adults and young adults. However, Verity is a much darker read and would be classified as a thriller.

What Awards Has Colleen Hoover Won?

Colleen Hoover won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance three years in a row for Confess (2015), It Ends with Us (2016), and Without Merit (2017).

Complete List of Colleen Hoover Books in Order: Printable Checklist


I hope you found this complete list of Colleen Hoover books in order helpful. I’ll update this post as and when more books are released.

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